Bylaws, Policies and Other Governance Documents

PTWA Bylaws

The PTWA bylaws, as approved by the Physical Therapy Association of Washington members.

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The PTWA Mission

The PTWA Mission is to advance the physical therapy profession in the state of Washington through compassion, accountability, representation and excellence.

The PTWA mission will be achieved by utilizing the following core values (adapted from APTA professionalism core values):
  • Compassion for our patients and members is what drives us in our quest for professionalism
  • Accountability is the active acceptance of responsibility for the diverse roles, obligations and actions of PTWA and its members.
  • Representation is promoting the profession and supporting its members in meeting the physical therapy needs in the state of Washington
  • Excellence is performing at our highest level in efforts to attain our mission.

The PTWA Vision

By 2020, physical therapy will be provided by physical therapists who are doctors of physical therapy, recognized by consumers and other health care professionals as practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities related to movement, function, and health.

PTWA Strategic Plan 2018-2019

Based on results from a membership survey, the PTWA Board of Directors and staff developed this strategic plan to guide and focus activity for the next two years.

APTA Policies and Bylaws

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