Committees, Districts and Groups

More than 100 PTWA members serve on boards, committees, special interest groups and task forces that are part of the Washington Chapter. Take a look at our groups to see what opportunities might be of interest to you. We also need volunteers to help at our conferences and other events.

Email for more information.

To nominate someone for an elected position, such as board of directors or delegate, go to our Nomination Form.

Committees and Task Forces
David Bond, Chair
Open, Chair
Andy Lodato, Chair
Open, Chair
Zach Steele, Chair
Pete Rigby, Chair
Open, Co-Chair
Open, Chair
Ben Boyle, Chair
Rachel Stoner, Chair
Angela Fritz, Vice Chair
Donelle Odren, Chair

Krista Jones, Chair
Sarah Grossman, Chair
Jill Murphy, Chair
Open, Chair
Bob Sheridan, Chair
Jessey Wemhoff, Vice Chair
Janel Prather, Chair
Brendon Larsen, Vice Chair
Donelle Odren, Chair
Kristi Nave, Vice-Chair
Open, Chair
Open, Chair
Justin Harris, Chair
Benjamin Boyle, Chair
Lauron Placentia and Amanda Costigliola, Chairs
Rita Davis, Chair

Special Interest Groups
Kele Murdin, Chair
Sarah Townsend-Grant, Vice President
Vince Nguyenpham, Chair
Megan Thomas, President
Grace Flora, Vice Chair
Brooke Fitterer, State Chair
Joe Banach, Chair