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ANS Balance HRV Advanced Manual Therapy Courses

ANS Balance HRV Advanced Manual Therapy Courses
We provide research-based courses that improve manual clinical skills including palpation, eclectic treatment modalities and differential diagnosis.
Courses are 25% lecture and 75% lab-based with an emphasis on hand placement and feel, proper practitioner ergonomics and a focus on results.

Professional Therapies NW Courses!

CE Courses! Kinesio Taping® 1 & 2 Nov 11-12/Portland, OR; Feb 3-4, 2018/Lynnwood; March 10-11, 2018/Olympia and Kinesio Taping® 3 & 4 Dec 2-3/Seattle; 21-22, 2018/Olympia; May 19-20/Lynnwood.

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